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Battered Spleen Productions™ is re-releasing "Killing Time - Horror E-Rag™" an eighteen-issue run of magazines presenting articles, reviews, two pieces of short fiction, and one piece of a serial story that runs for six issues or one year of the original publication. For more details see our press release or go check out the Malevolent Magazines section of the Battered Spleen Productions™ Store.

Battered Spleen Productions through its association with PayPal®, an eBay company, accepts payment through credit cards, debit cards, transferrals from you bank account, or payment from credit kept in your PayPal account.  PayPal is Fast, Simple, Private, and Trusted.

Advertisements may be for any horror themed site, blog, publisher, or store. They may be for any horror themed art, book, movie, role-playing game, alternate-reality game, or music. We will consider on an individual basis ads for writing resources and services. Page sizes, dimensions in pixels, and cost are detailed below. Ads may be sent to us in the following formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif or .tiff. In the alternative the ad may be sent laid out in HTML. For all ads include a link that the readers may click on to access your product or site, if applicable.

Ad Page Size Pixel Size Cost $USD
Quarter-page Ad 330 wide by 440 high $10
Vertical Half-page Ad 330 wide by 940 high $20
Horizontal Half-page Ad 690 wide by 440 high $20
Full-page Ad 690 wide by 940 high $40

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