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Buy a Standard Banner Ad.

Your banner must be 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high in .gif or .jpg format.  468x60 is the standard size for this kind of banner on the web.  Banners larger or smaller than that are not acceptable for the positions offered because they mess up the layout of most sites.  Porn, multi-level marketing, and other not related to the page's theme banners will also not be allowed.

Animated .gif files make for eye catching ads.
This is the full size your banner may be.

Ads appear in Learning Dark Arts, Inchoate Ascendant™, and more spaces coming soon. Every ad appears in random rotation on all applicable sites.

Email your banner and the link/url
to be associated with it to:
Cost: $10 Cdn.

Once your banner and link have been received we will email you instructions for your payment. Battered Spleen Productions through R.M.T.P. Co.'s association with PayPal®, an eBay company, accepts payment through credit cards, debit cards, transferals from your bank account, or payment from credit kept in your PayPal account.  PayPal is Fast, Simple, Private, and Trusted.

Changes to your link can be made at any time at no cost.  If you wish to change the banner image at a later date it will count as a new ad for the price listed above.