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  • Everybody's Going Info-Surfing
  • Notes Going Supernova
  • Taking Notes Hostage
  • What Is Important in the Culling?
  • R.G. Male's Dark Corners

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  • 13 Nights of Hallowe'en (2008): Night #10 The St. Francisville Experiment
  • Horror Witches Rising
  • A False Sense of Growth
  • Research
  • TechStop™

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  • Augmented reality
  • Be More Than You Can Be
  • Boston Dynamics Robots Tiptoe Toward Terminator
  • Brain Scanners Know Where You've Been Ref#7
  • Can internal 'brain music' be used in therapy?
  • CFP Symposium: New Frontiers in Human-Robot Interaction (at AISB 2010)
  • Cracking the chemistry of organic batteries
  • Gundam cartoon academy to turn science fiction into reality in Japan
  • IBM produces first working chips modeled on the human brain
  • Intel CEO previews new handheld gadget [video] (7:18)
  • Microsoft Researchers Developing Muscle-Based PC Interface (w/ Video)
  • Nanotechnology: Scientists create miniature machine parts from DNA
  • The next hacking frontier: Your brain?
  • Optogenetics: Controlling the Brain with Light [Extended Version]
  • Project Natal video features smack talking, scruffy teenagers
  • Radar Networks opens Twine to the world with version 1.0
  • Scientists Create First Memristor: Missing Fourth Electronic Circuit Element
  • Seeking: How the brain hard-wires us to love Google, Twitter, and texting.
  • Smart Armor Learns More With Every Bullet
  • Top Pentagon Scientists Fear Brain-Modified Foes
  • US military offers $40,000 challenge to internet users
  • Video Scenes Pulled from Peoples' Thoughts
  • WraithStop™

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  • Entangled Atoms Ref#8
  • 'Ghost Hunter' game lures players to take pictures for researchers
  • History in the Remaking
  • MIT team touts sci-fi style 'virus battery'
  • Most Haunted Places in America: Fairfield Hills Mental Institution
  • Pentagon to breed immortal organisms
  • Philips and Egrigors and Tulpas - Oh My!
  • Scary Music Is Scarier With Your Eyes Shut
  • What Happened to the Hominids Who May Have Been Smarter Than Us?