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  • Act 7 Mind Blow-Up
  • Changing Vision
  • Get Your Maturity While It's Fresh
  • March Mad Killing Time
  • Masters of Horror Anthology: Interview with B. L. Morgan
  • Masters of Horror Anthology: Interview with Mark Edward Hall
  • May Your Time Die Well
  • Learning Dark Arts

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  • Are You Excitable?
  • Book Cover #2, But First...
  • Caught Now in Two Minds
  • Elements -- Fear, Anger, Sorrow, Joy
  • I Am the Earth and Sky
  • In My Last Hour
  • It's All about the Lettering
  • Something in the Dark to Fear
  • Something to Talk About
  • Speaking Tongues of Fire
  • Time Waits for One Disease
  • Too Many Progeny
  • We Lay in the Same Grave
  • We'll All Sing our Celestial Dream
  • When the Night Meets the Day
  • R.G. Male's Dark Corners

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  • 13 Nights of Hallowe'en 2009: Night #1 Strangeland
  • Get Your Scary and Cool Gifts
  • WraithStop™

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  • The Phantom of St. Paulís Episcopal Church
  • Scary Music Is Scarier With Your Eyes Shut