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Inchoate Ascendant™

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  • The Author's Five P's
  • Everybody's Going Info-Surfing
  • A Little Bird Told Me
  • Revisiting Tags and Notes
  • What Is Important in the Culling?
  • Learning Dark Arts

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  • Enquiring Minds Want to Know
  • Of Materials, Requirements and Morphs
  • R.G. Male's Dark Corners

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  • Anatomy of a Horror Setting #19: Dead Men Tell All
  • Tired Trope Kick-out
  • TechStop™

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  • BMW augmented reality (video 2:38)
  • Diary of a Web nerd: The Wii as a social platform
  • Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring
  • The Future of Augmented Reality (video 3:26)
  • LinkedIn: Dealing with the unwanted invitation
  • Memory Switch Could Enable Brain Hacks
  • Microsoft: Web at the center, not PC Ref#3
  • 'Mind-reading' software could record your dreams
  • The press becomes the press-sphere Ref#2
  • Smart Armor Learns More With Every Bullet
  • SOA and compute clouds point to rethinking data entirely
  • Teachers hope augmented reality can change battlefield learning
  • TED: MIT Students Turn Internet Into a Sixth Human Sense Ref#9
  • Tweeting the terror: How social media reacted to Mumbai
  • US military offers $40,000 challenge to internet users
  • Washington Times amongst newspapers putting semantic technologies to...
  • Web Science: The next academic hot spot
  • Why I Love Twitter
  • Why The Big Fuss Over Microblogs?
  • Wikitude : Practical Augmented Reality
  • WraithStop™

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  • How to Create a Ghost
  • Sleep We Have Lost: Pre-industrial Slumber in the British Isles