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Inchoate Ascendant™

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  • Four Times the Killing Power
  • Notes Going Supernova
  • Protect the Parallel Universe
  • Speak and Be Heard, Soon
  • Taking a Swing At It
  • What Is Important in the Culling?
  • R.G. Male's Dark Corners

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  • Advancement of the Machines
  • TechStop™

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  • Automatic Filtering of Online Stupidity
  • Barack Obama's plans for the web
  • Brain Scanners Know Where You've Been Ref#7
  • Congress worries that .gov monitoring will spy on Americans
  • Diary of a Web nerd: The Wii as a social platform
  • Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring
  • FOAF Spheres of Privacy
  • The Friend of a Friend (FOAF) project.
  • Hospital techies urge limits on 'white space' Wi-Fi
  • Hubble: Monitoring Internet Reachability in Real-Time
  • Hurricanes Shoot Water Ice into the Stratosphere
  • Is George Ou right?
  • Kindle Economics
  • Million Rounds Per Minute: Ghastly Guns Putting the Hurt on You
  • Myth-busting and the Yahoo!-Google agreement
  • Optogenetics: Controlling the Brain with Light [Extended Version]
  • Project Natal video features smack talking, scruffy teenagers
  • Smart fabrics and interactive textiles
  • TechCrunch at Microsoft TechFest: Qik Meets Photosynth - Video 5:09 Ref#8
  • Technological singularity
  • Tweeting the terror: How social media reacted to Mumbai
  • Why the future doesn't need us.
  • WraithStop™

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  • Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos augmented-reality maps (video 8:14)
  • China seals off town amid plague outbreak
  • Cropsey at Camp
  • Fema Camp Coffins Investigated - Video 9:51
  • History in the Remaking
  • MIT team touts sci-fi style 'virus battery'
  • Sleep We Have Lost: Pre-industrial Slumber in the British Isles
  • There’s a Giant Hole in this Dam Water! [Bell-Mouth Spillways]